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Titre Prix
3 : 16. De hoopvolle boodschap van het bekendste bijbelvers Auteur: Lucado, Max € 5,00
1848 - Clubkoorts en revolutie. Democratische experimenten in Parijs en Berlijn Auteur: Waling, Geerten € 10,00
1. 1001 Vrouwen uit de Nederlandse geschiedenis; 2. 1001 Vrouwen in de 20ste eeuw Auteur: Kloek, Els € 35,00
A Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya. Song of the Free Auteur: Swami Ashokananda (translated and annoted by) € 6,50
A Brief History Of Citizenship Auteur: Heater, Derek € 20,00
A Choice of Christina Rosetti's Verse. Selected with an Introduction by Elizabeth Jennings Auteur: Rossetti, Christina € 12,50
A Colour Atlas of Hand Conditions Auteur: Conolly, W. Bruce € 20,00
A Commentary on I Maccabees Auteur: Dancy, J.C. € 12,50
A Common Human Ground. Universality and Particularity in a Multicultural World Auteur: Ryn, Claes G. € 25,00
A Companion to Feminist Philosophy (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) Auteur: Jagger, Alison M. , Iris Marion Young € 35,00
A Companion to Western Historical Thought (Blackwell Companions to History Auteur: Lloyd S. Kramer, Sarah Maza € 10,00
A comparative study of the Old Testament text in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the New Testament (diss. met stellingen) Auteur: Waard, Jan de € 12,50
A Concordance to the Greek Testament, according to the texts of Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf and the English Revisers Auteur: Moulton, W.F.; A.S. Geden; H.K. Moulton € 12,50
A Documentary History of Art, Volume 1: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance; Volume II: Michelangelo and the Mannerists - The Baroque and the Eighteenth Century Auteur: Gilmore Holt, Eilzabeth € 20,00
A Family Guide to Narnia. Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis's the Chronicles of Narnia Auteur: Ditchfield, Christin € 10,00
A Feminist Philosophy of Religion. The Rationality and Myths of Religious Belief Auteur: Anderson, Pamela Sue € 30,00
A Force for Good. The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World Auteur: Goleman, Daniel € 10,00
A Handbook of The Gospel of Luke (UBS Handbook Series) Auteur: Reiling, J. and J.L. Swellengrebel € 20,00
A History of English Christianity 1920-1990 Auteur: Hastings, Adrian € 10,00
A History of Global Anglicanism Auteur: Ward, Kevin € 35,00
A History of Religion in Britain. Practice and Belief from Pre-Roman Times to the Present Auteur: Gilley, Sheridan; W. J. Sheils € 20,00
A Key of Chinese Speech and Writing, Volume I Auteur: Belassen, Joel; Zhang Pengpeng € 17,50
A Life of Balance. The complete guide to Ayurvedic Nutrition & Body Typ;es with Recipes Auteur: Tiwari, Maya € 25,00
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Opera in three acts Auteur: Britten, Benjamin € 5,00
A Modern Introduction to Theology. New Questions for Old Beliefs Auteur: Kennedy, Philip € 20,00
A Monk in the World. Cultivating a Spiritual Life Auteur: Teasdale, Wayne; Ken Wilber (foreword) € 15,00
A Noble Death. Suicide & Martyrdom Among Christians and Jews in Antiquity Auteur: Droge, Arthur J.; James D. Tabor € 22,50
A People's Tragedy. The Russian Revolution : 1891-1924 Auteur: Figes, Orlando € 12,50
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Illustrated by Brian Keogh Auteur: Joyce, James € 35,00
A Practical English-Cantonbese Dictionary Auteur: Chiang Ker Chiu € 100,00
A Praying Congregation. The Art of Teaching Spiritual Practice Auteur: Vennard, Jane E.; Jerry Haas € 15,00
A Praying Life. Connecting With God in a Distracting World Auteur: Miller, Paul E. € 10,00
A Primary and Secondary Bibliography (Instrumenta Theologica VII) Auteur: Anckaert, L.; B. Casper € 12,50
A Quest for the Post-Historical Jesus Auteur: Hamilton, William € 6,50
A Rabbo Reads the Psalms Auteur: Magonet, Jonathan € 7,50
A Reader in African Christian Theology Auteur: Parratt, John € 10,00
A Reader in Contemporary Philosophical Theology Auteur: Crisp, Oliver D. € 30,00
A Rift in the Clouds. Ugaritic and Hebrew Descriptions of the Divine (diss. met stellingen) Auteur: Korpel, Marjo C.A. € 50,00
A Rift in the Clouds. Ugaritic and Hebrew Descriptions of the Divine (diss. met stellingen) Auteur: Korpel, Marjo C.A. € 45,00
A Royal "Waste" of Time. The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World Auteur: Marva J. Dawn € 20,00
A Scientific Theology: 1. Nature; 2. Reality; 3. Theory Auteur: McGrath, Alister E. € 75,00
A Short History of Jewish Ethics. Conduct and Character in the Context of Covenant Auteur: Mittleman, Alan L. € 20,00
A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics Auteur: Jasper, David € 20,00
A Sociology of Religious Emotion Auteur: Riis, Ole; Linda Woodhead € 15,00
A Sociology of Spirituality Auteur: Jupp, Peter C., Kieran Flanagan, Woodbrooke € 25,00
A Spiritual Formation Workbook. Small-Group Resources for Nuturing Christian Growth Auteur: Smith, James Bryan, Graybeal, Lynda; Richard J. Foster € 7,50
A Tale of Two Cities. Illustrated by Rene Ben Sussan Auteur: Dickens, Charles € 35,00
A Theory of Freedom Auteur: Benn, Stanley I. € 35,00
A Translater's Handbook on Paul's Letter to the Romans Auteur: Newman, Barclay M. ; Eugene A. Nida € 15,00
A treatise of original sin proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses (1658) (Early History of Religion) Auteur: Burgess, Anthony € 50,00